Sister Reunion & Mysterioso Family Potluck

My sisters and I have planned a Sisters Reunion for this coming week, so I’ve picked out a few books to bring them.

Silvia’s I found first: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. A while back, Silvia mentioned that she liked the tv series, so hopefully she hasn’t grown out of it by now and won’t get insulted because she’s a married woman now and wonders how I could possibly think she’d still be into such a thing. We haven’t seen Silvia since her wedding in June so we’re excited to hear all about her honeymoon, impressions of her wedding, and everything else she’s been up to these past 2 months.

For Lucy, I found Coastal New England: Fall Harvest Cooking by Sherri Eldridge. Lucy likes trying new recipes and posting them on her blog TheHandyMan’, akin to Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer, only with expert party planning ideas. In Coastal New England, there are recipes for “Singing Beach Lobster Stew”, native of Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA and “Machias’ Best Blueberry Jam” fresh out of Machias, Maine.

Adelaide will be getting The Minds of Boys by Michael Gurian. She gave birth to the best little sugar loaf Jack back in March, the first boy in our family in 4 generations on my mom’s side, and one of the happiest celebrations of our whole family. We can’t even really believe Jack is here most days. Rumor has it, I get to babysit for him on Monday. As such, I’ll be vamping up my vocal chords so that I can sing Moon River, his favorite, ad nauseam.

We’ll also be seeing my parents on Sunday for a family potluck. We thought we’d give M&D the day off, since typically they do all the cooking, so Adelaide, Lucy, Silvia and I are getting things underway for that too. (Plus, my mom hinted at needing a cooking reprieve when she asked, “Are you girls going to be bringing something?”) For some reason, for this particular get together—and I’m still trying to pinpoint why—my mom didn’t seem as enthused to see us as usual.

“Do you even want us?!” I asked.

“You’re always welcome,” my mom responded, which, while lovely, didn’t really answer the question. I plan to get to the bottom of it, by george…

Sand & soil,


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